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Thank you all for the support of Free Software development!
I consider your donations as your votes for the new better Free Software.

The amount of donation is up to you.
Yuri Volkov

How to donate

Option 1: WebMoney

Make WebMoney donation to support my freeware/GPL software.
Please send your donation to one of these WebMoney purses:

There is a number of options, that you may use to add funds to the WebMoney purses, including prepaid cards, see for more information.

See these interesting opinions about WebMoney:
  Washington Post and WebMoney - war or peace? June 13, 2008;
  Webmoney E-Currency Review. June 27, 2007.

Option 2: E-Gold

e-gold Make e-gold donation to support my freeware/GPL software.
  • If you already have e-gold account, please:
  • If you don't have e-gold account, please buy e-gold and send it to my e-gold account number 751368 using any of these Exchange Services.

Option 3: Donate through share-it! - my Global e-Commerce Partner

shate-it Using this option, you can make donation by Credit card, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer or Check.
Go to Donation page.

Where is PayPal option?

If you prefer to donate by PayPal, please use Option 3 above and select PayPal as payment method.

Some people ask me, if I have PayPal account, because this option would be more convenient for them.

Yes, I have PayPal account (since 2006), but unfortunately "PayPal accounts in Russia" are not able to receive payments. (See PayPal Worldwide). So, I'm waiting for years for the changes in their policy regarding my country...

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